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Meat Free Mondays: A Hungry Duck Banquet Event

American author and journalist Michael Pollan, on the subject of living, once wrote: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Upon this idea, FoodWISE started an initiative called Meat Free Mondays. No, we aren’t going all vegetarian (or activist) on you, but we thought that the notion of celebrating dishes that are whole and inspiring on their own (without meat) is a notion worth exploring.

So this December 9, we’re hosting a Meat Free Monday banquet. Featuring a delicious 8 course experience, including tempura zucchini flowers with aged soy and citrus, through to organic soba noodles with mush room dashi, nori and crispy garlic, we challenge you to look at the wonderful world of vegetable produce we have at our fingertips here on the south coast…it’s truly amazing!

Date: Monday December 9

Cost: $70pp ex matched drinks

Book: here (or simply enquire about more)

The menu…

Tempura zucchini flowers with aged soy and citrus

Kim Chi buns with Chinese red vinegar

Five spiced bean curd with home grown tomatoes and seaweed

Stir fried Mittagong mushrooms with konyaku noodles and truffle powder

Organic soba noodles with mushroom dashi, nori and crispy garlic

Steamed asparagus with a 64”c hens egg and black vinegar dressing

Tumeric curry of root vegetables, fresh herbs, chilli and lime

Coconut tapioca pearls with tofu cream and roast rhubarb

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Meat Free Mondays: A Hungry Duck Banquet Event

After five years, a hard slog establishing a modern Asian restaurant in a beautiful south coast town, various successes and failures at growing things, and countless duck jokes, we are SO PROUD and excited to announce that May 24 is Hungry Duck’s 5th Birthday!

To celebrate, we’re having one hell of a special birthday dinner, and we really hope that you can make it along. From visitors from our of town, to the coolest locals a regional restaurant could ever hope for, we thank you all for your continued support in letting us do what we do – WE LOVE YOU!

The Japanese word ‘kaiseki’ refers to demonstrating a range of skills and tecniques in a multi-course banquet meal.

We’re appropriating this style, for our upcoming feast, so we can  showcase to you, some of our old favourites, as well as some future classics, to celebrate our 5th birthday.

It’s going to be one hell of a dinner, so don’t miss out!

Where: Hungry Duck, Berry – 85 Queen Street

When: Friday evening, the 24th of May

Cost: $100 for 14 mouthwatering courses

Book: Call us on (02) 4464 2323 or email us

…and the menu goes a little bit like this:

Marigold petals in sardine and octopus stock
Tea smoked Moonlight flat Oyster, black fungus, jamon consommé
Fruits of the sea – tuna, scallop, ocean trout, kingfish, eel, ocean trout roe
Pine mushroom congee
Homemade steamed pork buns Steamed snapper in vinegared chilli broth
Pickled cucumber, orange and Sichuan sorbet
Chilled cauliflower soup with yuzu pearls
Chilled spanner crab salad with local seaweeds
Red curry of duck
Sechuan steamed rice
Hens liver parfait pickled shimeji and kumquats
Soba noodle, dashi, crisp garlic, wakame
Tahitian and kaffir lime tart

.. so bring your appetite!

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Meat Free Mondays: A Hungry Duck Banquet Event

Hungry for some tips on growing your edible garden on the south coast? Come and join us as part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival this October.

The event includes a tour through our edible garden, with tips and tricks on what works in this part of the world, canapes in the garden, followed bya 5 course dinner afterwards!

Where: Hungry Duck, 85 Queen Street, Berry

When: Sunday the 28th of October, 4.30pm

How much: $100 buys you a gardening tour and workshop, complete with nibbles in the garden and a 5 course dinner afterwards.

Call us on 4464 2323 or email

Click here to check us out on the Crave website and discover more exciting events happening around NSW.