Wine & Cocktails


Lychee Lime Fizz  16

Vodka, Lychee Sake, Lychee Juice, lime and fresh mint                                

Classic Mojito   16

White Rum, fresh mint, palm sugar, lime and soda                                              

The Buddha  16

Buddhas Hand infused Vodka, lemon juice and sweetened with brown sugar            

Long island ice tea  18

Five white spirits mixed with strawberries and cinnamon

Espresso Martini   18

Vodka, Kahlua, Frangelico, double shot of Single O

Fluffy Duck   16

White Rum, Advocaat, Cointreau, Orange, Cream & lemonade

Negroni  18

Campari, Gin, Rosso (maiden vermouth)            


Go-Shu Blue, Super Premium Sake (300ml)  18

Fruit fragrance, smooth, light & dry taste, well balanced & mature

Takara, Sho Chiku Bai—extra dry  6

Junmai-shu extra dry, very dry, clean and crisp
16% alc

Takara, Sho Chiku Bai – Classic     6                                 

Junmai-Shu, smooth, well balanced and mild aromas

Takara, Shirakabegura, Kimoto, Junmai    11

Kimoto is the oldest sake making method, Complex flavor, well balanced acidity
15.5% alc

Miwa Shuzo, Shirakawago Junmai Nigorizake (720ml)      18/90

Nigori, Un-filtered sake—cloudy sake
Rich fragrance, sweet and milky, recommended over ice, 14.8%

Otokoyama, Kimoto Junmai Hokkaidou  11

Hokkaidou jumai classic, made from highly polished rice
Smooth, well balanced and full bodied, 15% alc

Asahi-Shuzo, Dassai 50, Junmai Daiginjo Sake (720ml)     11/50

Dassai “50” is a premium sake, made from only rice milled down to 50%, water and koji mold. Clean, soft and very subtle, the balanced aromas and a mild sweetness envelop the senses

Lychee sake      9

A favorite of Yang Yuhuan of the Tang Dynasty. Intense fruit flavour, low alcohol, slightly sweet.

Choya Umeshu Plum wine (720ml)      11/50

Traditional aperitif/ dessert wine, over ice or with sparkling wine

Kuro kirishima (shochu imo)   8 (30ml)

Distilled sweet potato whisky, 25% alc Aromatic, smooth and viscous. Similar to whisky, this shochu is best served straight, on the rocks or mixed with warm or cold water                    



Two Figs Brut Cuvee Non Vintage   –  Shoalhaven, NSW        10/38

2016 Jarretts of Orange Sparkling  Orange, NSW        40

NV Louis Bouillot Cremant De Bourgogne Cote de Nuits, France    65

Dominique Portet Brut Rose Sparkling NV  – Yarra Valley        65



2017 Gaelic Cemetery Celtic Riesling  –  Eden Valley, SA   12/45    

2017 Fat ‘n Skinny Pinot Grigio  –  Adelaide Hills, SA   9/36

2017 Brangayne Pinot Grigio – Orange, NSW   11/42

2017 Coolangatta Estate Wollstonecraft Semillon – Shoalhaven, NSW   9/38

2015 The Pass Sauvignon Blanc   –  Marlborough, NZ     11/35

2017 Cupitt Alphonse Sauvignon –  Shoalhaven, NSW    48

2018 ‘Wedding Block’ Semillon Sauvignon Blanc  –  Jaspers Brush, NSW    12/45     

2017 Voyager Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion –  Margaret River, WA   45

2016 Camberwarra Estate Verdelho –  Shoalhaven, NSW     9/38

2017 Vintage Two Figs Verdehlo – Shoalhaven, NSW    9/38

2017 Hunky Dory   Tangle Pinot Gris Riesling – New Zealand     9/38

2016 Dawning Day Chardonnay  – Orange, NSW    12/47

2015 Tertini Arneis  –  Southern Highlands NSW     9/38



Two Figs Rose –  Berry   12/45

Dawning Day  Slim Dusky Rose –  Exeter   12/45                                                           



2016 Tertini Wollumbi Pinot Noir  –  Southern Highlands NSW     14/65

2013 Surveyor Thomson Central Otago Pinot Noir – Lowburn NZ   75

2014 Silos Son of Duck Nuts’ Shiraz  – Berry NSW   9/40

2015 Fat n’ Skinny Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz  – McLaren Vale SA    9/38

2018 Preservative Free Eye Chart, Shiraz – Canowindra, NSW   9/39

2016 Hastwell & Lightfoot   Cabernet Sauvignon – McLaren Vale SA    12/45



2015 Small Acres Pomona Ice Dessert Cyder – Orange, NSW    9/30

Silos Wileys Creek Sticky End Muscat  – Berry, NSW     10/40

2016 Pepper Tree Sticky Pig Pinot Gris – Pokolbin, NSW      10/40
2017 Two Figs “Sticky Fig”  – Berry, NSW      10/40

2016 The Richardson White Fort Cambewarra Estate – Shoalhaven, NSW     10/40



Asahi Soukai Light, Japanese      8

Asahi Dry, Japanese    8

Kirin, Japanese    8               

Mountain Goat Pale Ale, VIC       9

White Rabbit Dark Ale, VIC    9

Monteith’s Black Beer, NZ    8                                                   



Orchard Thieves, Apple Cider, NSW       9

Somersby Pear Cider      9


SOFT DRINKS      4.5

Freshly made lemon lime bitters

Diet Coke, Coke, Lemonade, Ginger Beer



Lychee Lime Fizz

Virgin Mojito

Hibiscus Spritzer


Antipodes Spring Water (NZ) Sparkling
500ml      5

1 litre       8.5