Gatsby Murder Mystery Night – Postponed for now

Gatsby Murder Mystery Night

Gatsby Murder mysteryWe are so excited to present a Gatsby Murder Mystery Night @ The Duck.

Soon (date to be advised) we will be hosting a ’20s murder mystery night – if you are up for loads of blackmail, deceit, intertwining relationships and murder with a fun flapper & gangster themed murder mystery dinner!

You will get a personal invitation with your character for the night and enjoy our usual delicious boutique wine selection & Modern Asian Cuisine.

We will have an actor hosting the night for a lot of funny entertainment.

6 Course Banquet & a Night of fun all for $110pp

Numbers are limited. Tickets available at The Hungry Duck. Get a table together with your friends and family for a night to remember!

Click link below for a taste of what you will be expecting of the night:

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