Meat Free Mondays: A Hungry Duck Banquet Event

Aga dashi tofu with abalone mushrooms, wakame, bonito

American author and journalist Michael Pollan, on the subject of living, once wrote: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Upon this idea, FoodWISE started an initiative called Meat Free Mondays. No, we aren’t going all vegetarian (or activist) on you, but we thought that the notion of celebrating dishes that are whole and inspiring on their own (without meat) is a notion worth exploring.

So this December 9, we’re hosting a Meat Free Monday banquet. Featuring a delicious 8 course experience, including tempura zucchini flowers with aged soy and citrus, through to organic soba noodles with mush room dashi, nori and crispy garlic, we challenge you to look at the wonderful world of vegetable produce we have at our fingertips here on the south coast…it’s truly amazing!

Date: Monday December 9

Cost: $70pp ex matched drinks

Book: here (or simply enquire about more)

The menu…

Tempura zucchini flowers with aged soy and citrus

Kim Chi buns with Chinese red vinegar

Five spiced bean curd with home grown tomatoes and seaweed

Stir fried Mittagong mushrooms with konyaku noodles and truffle powder

Organic soba noodles with mushroom dashi, nori and crispy garlic

Steamed asparagus with a 64”c hens egg and black vinegar dressing

Tumeric curry of root vegetables, fresh herbs, chilli and lime

Coconut tapioca pearls with tofu cream and roast rhubarb

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